Columbia Care International is part of Columbia Care – a company established in 2012 in the USA and now in the UK, Germany and other territories. Columbia Care are experts in the development and manufacture of products derived from cannabis plants. We were founded as a healthcare company and have always valued accuracy, detail and data. We collaborate with partners to ensure we deliver predictable products in a much-hyped category. Columbia Care International is part of Columbia Care – one of the world’s leading companies in this sector.

In the USA Columbia Care has developed significant experience in supplying specialist medicinal products made from cannabis plants and CBD based wellbeing products. In Europe, and the rest of the world, our focus is on the provision of specialist medicinal products to healthcare professionals, and our Columbia Care Platinum CBD wellbeing brand.

Since we were founded in 2012, we have supplied products in response to more than thirty million requests and we hold one of the largest specialist registries in the world within our product category – the IMPACT Registry™. Our IMPACT Registry™ data describes data in many conditions and allows us to help lead the thinking for potential medicinal utility for cannabis plant derived therapies. We also provide reports and analyses from the IMPACT Registry™ database that can help healthcare providers optimize their practice.

Our registry data provides insights into conditions where our specialist products have been used. We know this because we have tracked all use of our products since 2013.

Pie chart illustrating the concepts discussed in the paragraph
Subset of IMPACT Registry™ data by formulation. More information can be requested by health care professionals via our contact page.

Our business and reputation has grown on the back of both specialist medicinal manufacturing and of cannabis plant derived products and CBD well-being products. Building on this success story we have now opened significant operations outside the USA in the UK, Germany and in other locations across the globe.

As one of the world’s leading companies manufacturing and supplying products made from cannabis plants we work with health care professionals, regulators, patient groups, and all those with an interest in improving healthcare outcomes. We believe that with every action ‘better starts here’ and that working together we can make positive changes in healthcare.

We believe we are an important piece of the puzzle needed to address current healthcare needs, and this is best achieved through collaboration with everyone else seeking the same outcomes. Or, as we say at Columbia Care International, it’s about being ‘All. Together. Better.’.