For us it is all about trust and it is all about the patient. We work with governments, regulators, health and care providers, insurers, doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. We apply this same approach when it comes to our range of CBD wellbeing products around the world.

We have established partnerships with some of the world’s leading research institutions, universities, and medical schools to further specialist medical research in our field, allowing for timely and relevant data collection and analysis, to drive future innovation in treatment.

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We analyze our proprietary patient registry data (IMPACT Registry™) and research to identify new insights, that enable innovation. We share our IMPACT Registry™ data with the doctors, pharmacists and patient organisations, we work with around the world, to help them with their scientific information requirements.

We promise to ensure reliable access to consistent products. We hold ourselves accountable to pharmaceutical standards in products we supply and we are open to working with healthcare payers and insurers to ensure our products are as accessible and affordable as possible. We are happy to work in partnership with all organisations who require our specialist medicines.

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In short, we believe everything we do should be ‘All. Together. Better.’.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to discover more about Columbia Care International products, please visit our resources page or contact